Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Last day of Jamboree

Today was the last day of Jamboree and I am now home.  I really enjoyed the 2.5 days; but it is always nice to get home!  Since it was past 9 p.m. when we got out of last night's banquet, I didn't have the energy to go down to the lobby and create the blog last night.  Most of the bloggers go down to the lobby where the wi-fi is free because we are too frugal (cheap?) to pay for it in our rooms.  Thus, there is a lot of comradery that goes on in the lobby in the evenings!  Instead, I worked in my room until about 10 p.m. composing in Microsoft word which I could then cut and paste into Google Blogger this morning.  

This morning I rose about 5:45 a.m., finished the blog, packed, got dressed, went to the lobby had a roll and coffee while transferring my blog (with free Wi-Fi) to Google Blogger and then checked 
out--all prior to the first session at 8:30 a.m.

The first session I attended this morning was given by Cyndi Howells, who creates the popular "Cyndi's List".  This is a compendium of all genealogical web sites that are on the web--over 325,000 links organized by categories!  It was my first "ah-ha" moment of this year's conference!  I have know of Cyndi's List for years and used it a few time several years back.  However, I was totally unaware how powerful this list really can be with your genealogical research!  Not only does Cyndi do a fantastic job in creating and maintaining this list, she is an energetic, organized, rapid fire, and humorous speaker!  I am convinced this one presentation will benefit me more than any other session I attended this year.   

The second session was by Paula Stuart-Warren on the topic of "What Next? Developing Step-By-Step Research Plans".  I had never heard Paula speak before and was very impressed with her presentation.  Her focus was on reviewing your past research and developing an effective research plan.  She is very effective in involving the audience in analyzing various documents that she displayed and then determining a search plan based on the facts that were revealed in the document.  She also emphasized involving other genealogists in assisting us to develop our search plans, as we sometimes develop "tunnel vision" and don't see opportunities than others might spot. 

As usual, I took advantage of the 30 minute breaks between sessions to wander through the exhibit hall to see what the vendors had to offer.  I thought the short (10 to 15 minute) slide presentations at the Tree Maker booth were particularly well attended and informative.  

My final presentation of the day was by D. Josh Taylor on the subject of "Records and Migration: The Second Great Awakening and Your Ancestors".  I was on sources for researching the church records of various religions that ballooned during the early 1800s in America.  Many of the religions have key repositories where these records can be found.  They are by no means complete; but do contain a vast amount of information about church members and activities. 

Warrie and I decided to skip the final session of the day and head home.  We made almost as good a time as going and I arrived home around 4:15 p.m.  Thankfully, tonight I am done with the blog at 8:30 a.m. and, after walking the dog, will head off to bed early!  It was a fun, informative, but long 2.5 days.