Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adding Photos in New Family Search--Way too Hard!

Today marks my one month anniversary of blogging.  During that 31 days I have posted 29 blogs!  Much better than I would have guessed when I started.  That isn't much compared to the serious genealogy bloggers; but you have to start somewhere.  My next goal is six months.  

I decided today to add some photos to my tree on Family Search.  It is somewhat intuitive; but seems to take several more mouse clicks than adding photos to my Family Tree Maker program.  Once you sign in you click on "Photos" on the home page (second icon from.

left on bottom row).  This takes you to the next window which allows you to upload photos from your computer files into Family Search.  If you have already uploaded some photos (as I have in the photo below), they will appear along with directions to "drag and  

drop" photos from your computer files into Family Search.  I just opened both Family Search and My Photos files and then minimized them both so I could drag from My Photos into Family Search.  You should note that even though it isn't in the upload guidance (in blue below "Remember" above), Family Search is not allowing photos to be attached to living people at this time.

Once the photos are in what I call the Family Search "holding" file or "cache", you can then tag them with a name and then connect them with the proper person in your family tree.  You do this by clicking on the 

desired photo.  Which brings up the above window.  By again clicking on the photo a small window opens for you to type in the person's name.  You then click on the small red "question mark" window to the right and that takes you to the next window (below).  

Note the yellow highlighted link above that will allow you to type in the individual's name (again) to search for the corresponding person in the tree.  Clicking on the blue "select" button for the correct person (graphic below) links the two.  

In comparing with adding a photo to my Family Tree Maker (FTM), Family Search requires ten mouse clicks and FTM five!  I am guessing Roots Magic and Legacy are comparable to FTM. 

As an alternative, once the photo is loaded into the Family Search cache, one can go to the person's name in the actual tree, click on the name, click on photos, then on add photos, and finally click on the photo in the cache to connect it to the individual.  However, that is just as lengthy as the other means discussed previously above.  

I will explore this further to see if there is a shorter method; but as it stands now, I think that is way too many click just to add a photo!  Please let me know if you agree or disagree.  

I would also love to know who of my family, friends, or other viewers are checking out my blog.  I get numbers; but no other identification.  Please click on the comment tab at the end of the blog and let me know who you are and any comments or suggestions.  Thanks!