Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Photographs

I thought it might be fun today to feature some photographs I have of ancestors from various family lines--a little something for everyone, except those readers who aren't relatives.  You might enjoy seeing the old photos, even if they aren't of your family!  I will start with my Ritchhart line and branch out.

Wesley Ritchhart and Mary Wagner
My great-grandparents

Alonzo Ritchhart
My Grandfather

Delbert B. Ritchhart
My Father


Delbert A. Ritchhart

We got rid of the mustaches in the last two generations.  Do you see any resemblances being passed along?

Following is my wife, Joanne's, side of the family.

Mary Dye McConnell
Joanne's Grandmother (not a very good resolution photo)

Frances McConnell Schmidt
Joanne's Mother

Joanne Schmidt Ritchhart

Betty Schmidt Wolf
Joanne's Sister

Anyone see any family resemblances--other than them all being pretty!

Following are three generations of women: my grandmother, my mother and her sister, and my sister. 

Mary O'Malley Dean
My Grandmother

Frances Dean Gallagher
My Aunt

Helen Jane Dean Ritchhart
My Mother

Mary Jane Ritchhart Johnson
My Sister

I would be interested in any comments you might have if you do or don't see any family resemblances between the generations reflected above.  

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