Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Free Access to findmypast and Interesting Old Photos--How our Dress Code has Changed!

findmypast.com Offers Free Access to Collection of Irish Records

The following announcement was made yesterday by findmypast.com.  If you don't subscribe to findmypast, be sure and mark 27-30 June on your calendar to take advantage of their offer.

Free Access to Irish Records on findmypast.com June 27-30

On June 30, 1922, the Public Records Office of Ireland, located at the historic Four Courts in Dublin, caught fire during the Irish Civil War. Tragically a considerable amount of Irish records were destroyed. The fire has had lasting effects – still felt today – as Irish family history requires a unique approach to research than other heritages.

To commemorate this anniversary and encourage exploration of Irish genealogy, findmypast.com will offer its full collection of Irish Birth, Marriage and Death indexes free of charge from June 27 to June 30. Anyone searching for their Irish ancestors can access the full Irish record collection by registering for free at findmypast.com.

Interesting Old Photo--How Dress Code Has Changed

I was looking at some old photos when it occurred to me how much our dress code has changed.  Looking at the following photos, imagine what people would be wearing if the photo were taken today.  
Out for a Sunday Ride--circa 1910

I am not sure who all the riders are; but believe the man is my great grand Uncle, Charlie.  This is in a very remote area south of Las Animas, Colorado; where I grew up.

My Great Aunt in Riding Attire--circa 1910
This is my great aunt, Blanche, possibly in the same area as the riders in the 1st photo above.  The markings of the mule don't match any of the mules in the first photo.  

My Great-Great Grandparents--circa 1888 
This is my maternal grandfather's parents, Ida and Thomas, parents of Blanche above.  Charlie, above, is Ida's brother.  Photo taken in the same general area as the other two above. 

My Great Uncle and Grandmother--circa 1910
This photo of my grandmother was either taken just after she married my grandfather and moved from Denver to Las Animas or just prior to the wedding on a visit to Las Animas from Denver.  She is obviously trying to impress with her attire while walking amongst the chickens!

Great Grand Uncle Charlie in Doorway--circa 1910

I believe this photo is taken in the same area as the 2nd photo above that has a corner of the cabin in the background.  Today the women would be in shorts or long pants and the men definitely wouldn't have on jackets and long pants!