Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photos from Great-Grandaughter's Birthday Weekend

As I mentioned in the last blog, Joanne and I are in Chandler, Arizona for our great-granddaughter, Avery's, 2nd birthday.  We celebrated her actual birthday on Thursday evening, then on Friday evening her Aunt Kyleigh arrived from Chicago and our nephew Jeff and his wife Valerie also joined us.  Was a typical family gathering, as at any one time during the evening you could observe at least four separate conversations going on, even during dinner.  The noise level would be right up there with happy hour at a singles bar on Friday night! 

Following are some of the photos: 

Avery Modeling
 her new Swimsuit
I blew out the candle!

Avery enjoying her present from Joanne and I
Joanne, Granddaughter Lindsay, Daughter Cheryl and Granddaughter Jamie
Our Nephew Jeff and his wife Valerie

Our Son-in-law Ron and daughters Lindsay & Kyleigh

y a

Avery and Aunt Kyleigh
Cupcake Time!

Following this morning's party at the park we retired to our motel, watched a little U.S.Open golf and took a short nap to refresh us for the evening's activities.  After church tomorrow morning, we are gathering for a Father's Day family breakfast and then Joanne and I will take it easy at the motel and perhaps help get some of the family to the airport for their return flights.  Then back home on Monday.