Monday, June 17, 2013

Del's Genealogical Ramblings for June 17

Magic Wand On Sale

The following article is from Dick Eastman's Newsletter (, to which I subscribe.  I first heard about the device in Dick Eastman's newsletter a couple years back and immediately bought one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for the same $99.95 that Dick mentions.  I have used it on several research trips and really love it.  At about $25 with tax, I think it is a bargain, even if it is refurbished.  

"When the Magic Wand Handheld Scanner first appeared in the marketplace, I paid full retail price: $99.95. The price has dropped since then, however, with different merchants offering different discounts. However, the lowest price I have seen is now on the web site: $23.99, Best of all, unlike my earlier purchase, that price even includes a rechargeable battery, a memory card, and free shipping. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .The online ad doesn't state what the memory card's capacity is. However, since my $99.95 scanner came without any memory card at all, even if this is a small capacity card, I'd say it is a bargain. You can always purchase additional cards of whatever memory capacity you wish. Unplugging one memory card and inserting a new one is about a two-second operation." (from Dick Eastman's June 17, 2013 Genealogy Newsletter).

Family Tree Maker 2014 Update

At Jamboree last week, it was mentioned by one of the Family Tree Maker presenters that the 2014 software version would probably be out in the fall.  When asked what types of changes could be expected he gracefully declined to answer!

Neat Family Tree Magazine Article for Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic and Legacy Family Tree Users

The July/August Edition of family tree magazine has an article entitled "Top 10 Genealogy Software Tricks" by Rick Crume.  Rick lists 10 tips for more effectively using your software and for each tip he explains how to execute the tip in each of  three Genealogy Software Programs--Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree and RootsMagic.  Some of the tips are: Create New Fact Types, Search for Relatives Online, Speed Up Source Citation and Customize your Views.  I think anyone would find the article helpful, regardless of their level of experience with the programs.   

When people ask me what genealogy software program to use, I advise them to try them out and make their own decision.  I do, however, tell them that in my opinion the three most popular programs are Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic and Legacy.  I am pleased to see that Rick, apparently, has the same opinion.  (family tree magazine,, July/August, p. 43-47)

Recheck Yesterday's Blog

I did yesterday's blog from Chandler, Arizona and didn't have my photo file on my laptop, so today I added a couple photos of my dad to the Father's Day blog.  Check them out!

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