Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, 16 October Articles

--Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego October Mini Fair
--Follow Up Information About the Strategic Partnership between MyHeritage and FamilySearch
--ourFamilyology Announces Family History Month Photo Contest

Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego October Mini Fair

Following are the details concerning this month's meeting of the CGSSD:

The Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month (except December) from 9:00 a.m. to noon on the campus of UCSD, University of California, San Diego. See our map page for directions.
The next meeting will be held on 19 Oct 2013 from 9:00 am to noon. Here are the details:
Two sessions and two topics per session
No user groups or SIGS this month.

9:00 - SESSION 1:
 “Enhance Your Research with American Memory” Presented by Gene Philibert Ortega
We will be exploring the Library of Congress Digital Collections website American Memory. The Library of Congress has so much to offer family history researchers from maps and images to histories and interviews, American Memory is a must for researchers. During this presentation we will be exploring all that the Library of Congress has to offer genealogists online.

Gena Philibert Ortega holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Religion. Presenting on various subjects involving genealogy, women’s studies and social history, Gena has spoken to groups throughout the United States as well as virtually to audiences worldwide. Gena is the author of hundreds of articles published in genealogy newsletters and magazines including FGS Forum, APG Quarterly, Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, Family Tree Magazine, and the GenWeekly newsletter. Her writings can also be found on her blogs, Gena’s Genealogy and Food.Family.Ephemera. She is the author of three books include her latest From The Family Kitchen (F + W Media, 2012). Gena is the editor of the Utah Genealogical Association’s journal Crossroads. She serves as President for the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and is a board member of the Utah Genealogical Association. Her current research interests include women’s social history, community cookbooks, signature quilts and researching women’s lives using material artifacts.

B. Peter O’Malley - A Brick Wall Case Study - You be the Judge!” Presented by Del Ritchhart
This is a case study which presents evidence of possibly identifying a record of Peter, siblings and his mother and father on a passenger list arriving in New York in 1847.  People with the same names are identified in the 1850 census near Scranton, Pennsylvania; but are they the same people and are they really related to Peter?  The evidence is presented—you be the judge!

Delbert A. Ritchhart: EDUCATION----MS Management U. S. Naval Postgraduate School; MS Military Science U. S. Naval War College; BS Education, University of Colorado
GENEALOGY EXPERIENCE - Began researching his family history in 1994.  Has served as President and Programs Chairman Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego, Program Chairman British Isles Genealogical Society of San Diego and currently of The San Diego Genealogical Society.   Member of The Southern California Genealogical Society, The New England Genealogical Society and The National Genealogical Society.  Has given genealogy presentations to numerous genealogy groups in the Southern California area.  Recently published, “Breathing Life into My Family Ancestors”, tracing and writing about several lines of his family tree.  

10:00 - Break, refreshments.

10:20 - SESSION 2:
 Google for Genealogists” Presented by Gena Philibert Ortega
Do you Google? You may Google all kinds of things for your personal or business life but Google should be one of the first places you go to when researching your family history. Whether it's searching for a website, researching a city directory, finding a photo of your great-grandmother or mapping out your next research jaunt. Google is a must. Join me as we discuss better ways to search Google and wonderful resources like Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, Google Maps and so much more.

B. “
Heritage Photo Basics: Scanning & Organization, Quick and Simple Editing, and Using Photos on the Web” Presented by Dona K. Ritchie.
Dona is a retired graphic artist/desktop publisher who has many years of experience using Photoshop and other image editing applications, is an amateur photographer, and loves old photos. She has been using her family photos to construct digital scrapbook pages which illustrate the lives and stories of her ancestors as well as those of her husband's family. Along the way she's learned a lot about restoring old photographs which have been damaged, have lost color or turned unusual colors, and has been successful in rescuing many of those afflicted photos, turning them into digital treasures which will hopefully fascinate succeeding generations as much as they have fascinated her and assisted with her family history research. Want to know more about how you can start rescuing your own stash of vintage photos? Come to the CGSSD MiniFair in October and find out!

Follow Up Information About the Strategic Partnership between MyHeritage and FamilySearch 

Dick Eastman's newsletter today had an excellent follow up to the announcement of the strategic partnership between MyHeritage and FamilySearch.  Several readers had questions about the partnership and Dick, probably through his good contacts with both companies, provided excellent answers.  I recommend you read the article by clicking on the following link.

Family History Month Photo Contest

I received the following announcement from Brandy Sacco of "ourFamilyology".  Click here for the link to enter the contest.

Since I didn't know anything about the company I looked on the web for information and found an article by Dick Eastman in November 2009, when the company started.  You can read the article at this link.

I also found the following description on ourFamilyology's web site:

ourFamily•ology is a tool that helps you see where you need to do more genealogy research.  Incorporates a status chart, with a color-coded reliability and progress indicator to gauge the completeness of your family tree as well as provide a clear roadmap of what you should work on next – all at a single glance.
--Collaborative Genealogy Research
--Family Index & Ancestor Management
--Tools Help to Understand your Information
--Source Management
--Exclusive password protected integrated published tree
--Organization to help grow your Online Family Tree
--Import and Export Documents and Files

--Subscription Price - Yearly Fee
--$14.99 for 300 MB
--$17.99 for 600 MB
--$26.99 for 1000 MB

The more storage space (mega bytes) you choose, the more family members, documents and photos you can add.

Disclaimer--I have no affiliation with "ourFamilyology" nor have I been compensated in any way by them.  They did ask me to post the information about the Photo Contest.  The opinions are strictly my own.