Monday, October 21, 2013

Helpful Family Tree Maker Report

--Helpful Family Tree Maker Report

Helpful Family Tree Maker Report

I ordered the new Companion Guide for FTM 2014, since I had already downloaded the new software for 2014 a couple weeks ago.  When I received it, I was a little concerned because it just said "The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker".  

Companion Guide for FTM 2014

I have "The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2012" and was concerned that the version year, "2014", was not in the title of the new guide.  I called the company and they assured me that I have the latest version, they have just discontinued putting the year in the title.  I also noted that this latest version is 283 pages versus 317 in the 2012 Guide.  They have added several new features to the software; but must now be much more efficient in their descriptions, so it now takes fewer pages?    

To cross check and make sure this guide did, in fact, include the new features of FTM 2014, I was going through various parts of the program and guide comparing my 2012 version of software with the 2014, and I went through in the "Reports" section.  I hate to admit that when I first saw the "Undocumented Sources" report in FTM 2014, I thought it was new.  However, when I checked the 2012 version, it wasn't. 

 I was reassured by seeing the same picture of the bride and groom on the icon you see on the screen when you open FTM 2014 as is shown on the companion guide I just received (screen shot above).  Thus, that reinforces that this guide has, in fact, is for the 2014 version. 

I did want to share this "discovery" (for me) with other FTM users.  I assume other genealogy software programs have a similar report.  By selecting "Publish" in the menu bar and then selecting "Source Reports" under the Publication Types list on the left of the screen, it will show icons of four reports, one of which is "Undocumented Sources".  You then have the choice of generating the report for Immediate Family, Extended Family, All Individuals or Selected Individuals.  I was pleasantly surprised when I generated the report for Extended Family that it was only three and a half pages. 
Undocumented Facts Report for Extended Family

The screen shot above shows a portion of an "Undocumented Facts" report.  The yellow portion on the right is where you selected the individuals to be included in the report.  The report itself, lists the individual's name and the associated facts that are not documented.  

I am going to work through the report and try to eliminate as many of the undocumented facts as possible.  I am going to start with "Immediate Family" and then expand to "Extended Family".  I doubt that I will have time to do more than that.

If you were already aware of this report and have all your facts documented--I am envious.  I am guessing, however, that I am not the only person that didn't know this report existed and also hasn't documented all their facts!

Disclaimer--I was a member of the Beta Testing for FTM 2014 and did receive a free upgrade download for my participation in the testing.  However, I don't believe that has influenced my objectivity in writing this blog.  I did pay for the new Companion Guide.


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