Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Been on Vacation--Ancestry Answer to My Question--MyHeritage Announcement

Vacation Time is My Excuse and I am Sticking to My Story!

My wife and I have been on vacation in Palm Desert for the past 10 days, so I did very little blogging.  Played some golf, took in the wonderful tour of the Annenberg Estate, Sunnylands; laid around the pool, ate some great meals (had a couple drinks) and took it easy.  Below are a couple photos taken from the patio of  our Palm Desert timeshare. 

Views from Patio of Our Timeshare in Palm Desert

If any of you plan to be in that area within the next year or so, you must put the Sunnylands tour on your "to do list".  It is 200 acres, including a nine hole golf course, and the architecture and art work in the house complex is most impressive.  Almost every President since Eisenhower has been a guest and it is the only place outside the White House to host a State Dinner.  The tour includes not only the main home of the Annenbergs; but the beautiful guest suites where the Presidents and others stayed, as well as the surrounding grounds.  

You must make reservations in advance.  They start taking reservations on the 1st and 15th of the month for the subsequent 15 day period.  On the 1st you can get reservations for days 15-30/31 of the month and on the 15th they take reservations for days 1-15 of the next month.

Surprisingly, we had been going to that area for over 25 years; but only recently were told by friends about the tour.  This is a "must see".

Following are some exterior photos.  Taking pictures of the interior of the home and guest suites was not allowed.

Pool behind Guest Suites--View from Main House

Main House from West of Pool

Main House from Golf Course

One of Six Lakes

Ancestry Answer to My Question

In my blog of 29 September, I discussed what I thought might be a glitch in Family Tree Maker's display of search results.  After talking twice with their Technical Support people, I was told to submit my issue via their on-line "feedback" system.  The following is their response: 

 "It appears that it is a normal thing for the software to do. The information in the first part is supposed to be a preview, but not necessarily have all of the information, or even the same information every time. We're sorry about any confusion or frustration this issue may have caused."

I am still skeptical and will try and remember to discuss this with their technical people at Jamboree next June in Burbank.
MyHeritage Announces Strategic Partnership
 with FamilySearch

I received the following announcement from MyHeritage yesterday:  

"I'm delighted to tell you that we've entered into a strategic partnership with FamilySearch which will add billions of historical records to MyHeritage.

MyHeritage will receive more than 2 billion global historical records from FamilySearch, spanning hundreds of years. Collections include vital records (censuses, births, marriages and deaths) as well as hundreds of other collections from many countries. 

Over the next few months, we will add this important content to SuperSearch and unleash MyHeritage technologies - such as Smart Matches and Record Matches - on the new content. This will bring significant new opportunities for MyHeritage users to grow their family trees and enrich their family history.

MyHeritage will provide FamilySearch access to its Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies, so FamilySearch users will be able to receive matches on the FamilySearch website. This will be made available during 2014."

They also provided a link to the more detailed press release.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, MyHeritage has been very aggressive over the past several months and is definitely positioning to be a big time player in the world of on-line genealogy research.