Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sports Saturday--My Dad's High School Football

Sports Saturday--My Dad's High School Football

The below pages are from the La Junta High School 1928 Yearbook.  My dad attended this high school, graduating in 1930.  He and his brother, Dutch, were both very outstanding football players.  Dutch was two years ahead of my dad.  Dutch always resented that he didn't get to go to college; but my dad did.  However, my dad worked for a year after he graduated from High School saving money for school and was offered a scholarship by the University of Colorado.  My grandparents didn't have money to send either of them to college

The photo captions refer to the 1927 Football Team because the school year started in 1927, when football is played; but ends in 1928 when the Annual was published.

1927 La Junta Tigers
The above page summarizes three of the games and the remainder were summarized on subsequent pages.
1928 Tigers Football
My dad played varsity for three years at the University of Colorado , achieving all-conference selection at both guard and end.  In those days, as well as when I was in college, freshman were not eligible to play varsity their freshman year.  My dad was then drafted by the Detroit Lions and played two years for them in the National Football League.

1928 La Junta Tigers
The page above contains photos of my dad, second from left, and Dutch, far right.  I discovered these pages about six months ago while doing a search on Mocavo.  Many of the genealogy search sites have recently  scanned and included in their data base many types of yearbooks--high school, college, and military ships and squadrons and other operating units (usually called Cruise Books).  In fact, I have also found photos and articles about my wife's mother in her high school annual, which was also on line.  If  you haven't explored yearbooks as sources of information for your parents and, in some cases, grandparents, you may be passing up a great source of information.