Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sports Saturday

Kids and Grandkids Sports Photos

I thought it would be fun today to go through my digital photo files and pull out pictures of family members engaged in various sports.  I do this at the risk of getting in trouble as there are sports that some of the family participated in for which I don't have photos (or perhaps don't recall).  

We have three girls and they all played softball.   Cheryl and Debi also competed in swimming and Linda played on a soccer team.  They all skied as children; but Linda is the only one still active in skiing.  Unfortunately, that was prior to the digital era.  I might be able to go back through the envelopes of hard copy photos and find some; but time doesn't allow that today.  

They all learned to bowl when I was assigned to Newport, R.I. at the Naval War College and they experienced their first cold weather winter.  They continued with their bowling and, at the expense of embarrassing their husbands, I have to relate a story. Either while they were dating or shortly after getting married each of the couples ended up going bowling.  However, little did the men know how good the girls were.  I think I am correct in saying the girls beat the men in all three instances.  Cheryl played golf for a while; but only plays occasionally.  Linda took it up a couple years back and she and Doug are still active golfers.  

Following are some photos of the family involved in various sports.

Sara is the youngest of the grandchildren.  Below are photos of her doing indoor climbing and trapeze.  Both she and her cousin, Cassie, took trapeze lessons one day and by the end of the session were able to perform a transfer on the swinging bar from their bar to a catcher.  They really enjoyed it. 

Sara--Indoor Climbing

Sara also is a cheerleader for her high school sports teams and took up pole vaulting as a freshman last year.  She is looking to continue her vaulting this year. 

Cassie and her twin brother, Kurt, are about four months older than Sara.  All are Sophomores in High School.  Cassie was a swimmer for several years; but has given that up in favor of track and soccer.  I know that she is still playing soccer; but not sure if she has decided to continue with track this year.  Both Kurt and Cassie are excellent skiers.  


Cassie (middle in blue) Soccer
Kurt is an excellent swimmer and skier, having qualified for Colorado state swim finals his freshman year.  He played soccer and basketball in his younger years; but has given them up in favor of swimming.  Kurt is also an aspiring golfer.

Kurt in Middle with Blue Cap

Kurt (15)

During their vacation to Hawaii a couple years back, Kurt took a surf lesson and did extremely well.  His excellent abilities as a skier probably contributed to his success.

Surfing in Hawaii

Ryan is Sara's older brother.  He is a senior in High School this year.  Ryan played softball, basketball and soccer; but gave them up when he got to High School in favor of water polo and swimming.  He will be returning to soccer this year, as the high school coach convinced him to play goalie for the team.  Ryan also enjoys skiing (surfboard) and playing golf.

Ryan in Green Shirt (Goalie)

Ryan No. 4

Ryan Swimming (center forward)

Ryan at Naval Academy Water Polo Camp
(on deck holding the ball)

Tori is the older sister of Cassie and Kurt and is a sophomore in college this year.  She was a swimmer throughout her high school years and for a few years prior.  Her high school team won the Colorado State Championship her senior year.  Like her brother and sister, she is also an excellent skier.  She may have played soccer in her grade school years; but I can't recall for sure.  


Tori, Kurt & Cassie at
Vail last Christmas

Our oldest three grandchildren are sisters, Jamie, Lindsay and Kyleigh.  Lindsay was into sports the most, participating in basketball, softball and soccer.  Kyleigh was a "flyer" on the high school cheer team and participated in a number of state competitions.  Jamie might have played soccer; but I am not sure. However, she is now an avid sports fan, even participating in a fantasy football league. All three girls ski (snowboard). 

Kyleigh (far right in back)


Jamie and Kyleigh (Lake Tahoe)

Cheryl, Ron, Lindsay, Jamie and Kyleigh Short
at Lake Tahoe

Shorts, boyfriends, Jamie's husband, Justin, and their daughter (Avery), Grandma and Charlie (the dog) preparing to start the Folsom, California Turkey Trot
 Joanne, I and our daughter, Debi, skiing.

Debi Cantrell, Joanne & Del at Vail 1995

I knew the kids and grandkids were active in sports. However, I don't think I realized the great extent in which they were involved until I put this blog together.  
Finally, I have to close with a photo of the newest potential athlete of our extended family; our great-granddaughter, Avery. 

Avery--Future Swimmer or Model?