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--Three TB of Back-Up for Under $100!--Adoption Discovery Breaks Slave Lineage Link

Three TB of Back-Up for Under $100!

I wrote a couple weeks back that I planned to purchase a new external hard drive for a back-up to my desk top computer.  I had hoped to be able to get a 2 TB back up; but was shopping at Costco and found a Seagate Backup Plus Hard Drive for under $100 (slightly over with the tax).  I have used it now for about a week and am very satisfied.  Set up was very easy as it walks you through the steps on your computer once you plug it in.  You can choose to back up: All Files, Personal, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos or you can select files individually.  You can choose to back up Continuously, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Snapshot (manually as you choose).  I chose to back up hourly rather than daily because some days I do a lot of work on my Family Tree Maker Family Tree and would be losing a lot if my system crashed shortly after I had entered all that data and before the daily back-up.  I didn't choose Continuously because I think that would put more wear and tear on the drive.  That is my assumption; so I need to look into that further with the manufacturer. 

The information on the box states that it is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.  It further stipulates it is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.   

Once you have set up the Seagate, you control all your settings and choices through the Seagate Dashboard.  It also allows you to interface with Facebook, Flickr and You Tube.  This allows you to back up your files from those social media sites, as well as share or save photos from those same social media sites.  

It has another great feature that I noticed quite by accident.  Although it has a power cord for power, when you turn off your computer, the back up turns off through the USB connector.  I noticed that the power light wasn't on even thought the power cord was plugged in.  However, when I turned on the computer, the power light came on.  That is a nice energy saving feature.  With my last external hard drive I had to disconnect the power whenever I knew I wouldn't be using it for a long time. 

I am sure there are similar products available at reasonable prices; but thought I would share this information in case any of you might be thinking of either getting an external hard drive or upgrading the one you have.  It may provide a handy benchmark for your comparison shopping.  

Seagate Backup Plus does have one feature I don't like.  Like many other software products or computer accessories; when you load it on your computer it comes with other software products you may, or may not, want.  In this case the product was My PC Backup, which is a "cloud" back up system.  I realize it is wise to have multiple back up--one of which should be a "cloud" or remote (which I have); however, I resent the way they are introduced surreptitiously.  In most cases it is easy for you to unknowingly sign up for these products thinking it is part of the main product or item you are loading.    

Disclaimer:  I do not have any affiliation with Seagate or Costco and receive no compensation from them.  These comments are strictly my own opinion about the product.
My Adopted Great-Grandmother

On 9 June I discussed the presentation at the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree by Joe Mozing  The essence of Joe's presentation, based on his articles in the Los Angeles Times and his book The Fiddler on Pantico Run, was the discovery that his Mozingo family line was descended from a black slave Edward Mozingo.  As far a Joe had known his family heritage was caucasion.  

This struck a chord with me because I recalled having a Mozingo line in my ancestry.  I checked and confirmed, my great great grandmother on my maternal side was Mary Elizabeth Mozingo, born in 1844.  

When I first heard of Joe's Los Angeles Times articles about the Mozingo family, I contacted Joe and obtained his family pedigree charts.  Sure enough, I was able to confirm that Mary Elizabeth was from the same lineage.  Her daughter, Mary Elizabeth Earhart, was my great grandmother.  Thus, our family also had lineage tracing back to a black slave.  

When I informed various cousins and other family of this discovery, I had mixed reactions.  Many were excited about this intriguing element of our family history.  Others didn't say much.  This was around May 2010.  

On November 27, 2010 I received the following message through
"I am looking for direct descendants of Mary Mozingo & Franklin Earhart.  They adopted a daughter Elizabeth Kellaher in Mason County, Illinois in 1873.  Mr. Earhart died in 1879.  Mary Mozingo Earhart then married John J. Gilmore in 1879.  I am wanting to confirm that Mary Elizabeth Earhart and Elizabeth Kellaher are the same person.  My family would like to turn over the adoption papers to any living relative in the central Illinois area.  
Thank you for your time:  Wendy Seyller 

This came as a total surprise as we always thought  Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Mozingo Earhart and Franklin Earhart.

In some ways I, and several of my cousins were disappointed at the news.  This severed any family lines leading back to the black slave.  The blood line existed in our great great grandmother; but wasn't passed down to her daughter, Elizabeth, because she was adopted.  I was, however, amazed and thankful for Wendy being able to track me down.  This is a great example of why one wants to post their family tree on the internet!  Otherwise, I doubt that I would ever have found out about the adoption.

I have tried to learn more about the Kellaher family line; but so far have not been able to identify Mary Elizabeth's natural mother and father.  Since she was adopted, there is a good chance her parents weren't married and she took the mother's name--which would have changed later if she married.    

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