Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Del's Genealogical Ramblings

--Reader response to Ancestral Quest being Share Certified with FamilySearch
--Mocavo follows up with an explanation as to why some documents won't have the search subject of interest highlighted.

Reader Response to Ancestral Quest Topic

In response to my post yesterday on the subject of Ancestral Quest, Randy Seaver sent me the following: "RootsMagic 6 was the first program to be Share Certified and is now Share+ Certified with FamilySearch Family Tree because it can add sources, discussion and changes.  No other program can add sources and discussions yet.  Legacy Family Tree will be able to do it when Version 8 is released."

Therefore, I stand corrected on my comment yesterday that. . . . "It certainly speaks well for Ancestral Quest that they have establish this close relationship with Family Search ahead of the other Genealogy Software Companies."   Thanks, Randy, for correcting me on that point.

Mocavo Answers My Question

In my blog of 15 July I pointed out that when I conducted searches using Mocavo, the documents that were listed in response to the search did not highlight, or otherwise, identify the subject person or place in the document.  This presents a real problem in a lengthy document.  They did provide an interim answer that if you open the document and hit "control +F" it opens a search window and you can enter the person or place of interest and the search will take you to the proper page.  Yesterday, they responded with the following: "Thank you for your continued patience. After speaking with our development team they have informed me that the highlighting of information only pertains to documents that we own and are uploaded on our site. The documents that you are referring to are from sites that we search and therefore offer their content. Since we do not own this content, we do not have the ability to highlight this document for you. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you."

Therefore if their search finds a document in response to your search criteria (i.e., name or place, etc.) that is from another web site, the information you are seeking in your search won't be highlighted. 

I am a little confused since the essence of Mocavo is that their key discriminator is that they save you time because they are in essence a MASTER search site that searches other genealogy web sites with a single search criteria entry.  Therefore, it seems that their answers will almost always be from other sites and, therefore, won't be highlighted?  I have gone back to them for some clarification.