Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Daughter's In-Laws--The Wimers

The Weimer Genealogical Center Albequerque

Our daughter, Linda, is married to Douglas Wimer.  A year or so ago I was researching Doug's family and discovered a Weimer Genealogical Center in Albuquerque.  However, it didn't appear that it was still in existence.  I found a letter explaining that a husband and wife, Robert and Ellen Weimer, started the center in 1979 and began publishing a Newsletter.  Robert passed away in 1995 and Ellen attempted to keep it up; but I can't find much about the Center after around 2000.
When I Googled "The Weimer Genealogical Society", there were several listings--many of which were documents published by the society.  Following are five of the documents. I realize you can't read the graphic very well; but I will discuss most of the documents in more detail.  

I then became curious as to where I might be able to obtain copies of the documents, so I checked World Cat.  I found various Weimer documents located at the Allen County Public Library, the Denver Public Library (2) (Linda and Doug only live about 45 miles from Denver), The Library of Congress and The Phoenix Public Library.  

 One of the books that looks like it might have some really good information about the family history is "The Weimer family of Somerset Co., Pa.".  Unfortunately, it only seems to be available in the Library of Congress, as you can see in the graphic below.  Doug's ancestors resided in the Somerset area for about four generations.  Somerset is about 75 miles SE of Pittsburgh.

The following Newsletter (hopefully more than one) is in the Denver Library, so I will suggest to Doug that he might want to visit the library the next time he is in Denver as there is a second Weimer document also in Denver.

That document is "The Weimer Family as Known to 1974", as shown below.  

I am also going to contact the Albuquerque Genealogical Society to see if they might have any of these documents.  Assuming that Ellen Weimer has passed away by now, I am hoping she left all the documents to someone and the Society might have them or know where they went.

Not surprisingly, the name changed spellings over the years from Wimmer to Weimer to Wimer.  The family is from the Alsace Lorraine area and are of German heritage.  Most of them settled in the Western Pennsylvania area near Pittsburgh.

If any of you have any Weimer/Wimers in your ancestry, please let me know.