Thursday, May 9, 2013

"New" Family Search Family Tree--Problem Solved

I mentioned a couple days back that I had entered a Gedcom on Family Search which included 11 generations of the Ritchhart line (it was actually 14); but it terminated at 5 generations.  One of the tech support people said the problem was because I had not resolved all the "merge" selections.  Well, I resolved all the merge choices and still had the problem.  I did an on line chat with another tech support person and we solved the problem.  Actually, I should have thought of the solution on my own.  We went to the 5th and last generation, Andrew Ritchhart, and then did a search for his father.  I was given several choices, one of which was John; and when I selected John up came all of the remaining Ritchhart line.  Apparently. when I uploaded the Gedcom file, for some reason, there was a break in the connection between Andrew and John, even though all of the 1250 individuals in the Gedcom were uploaded.  We simply had to reestablish the connection between Andrew and John and the integrity of the Gedcom file was reestablished. 

Getting Ready for Saturday's Monthly Meeting
I was busy this morning getting all the last minute things done for this Saturday's monthly San Diego Genealogical Society meeting.  I had to get 80 copies made up of the Handout for our speaker's presentation and 80 copies of the Evaluation Form we have attendees submit.  This month's speaker is Daniel Libby and he is speaking on the subject of Computer Security and Identity Theft.  Daniel was a Warrant Officer in the Navy serving in the Navy Security Group.  He is since retired and is a nationally recognized expert on forensic processing of digital evidence; computers, video, and audio.  His company serves government, corporate and legal clientele.  I have heard Daniel before and his presentations are packed with helpful tips on how to avoid on line scams,  and how to protect your identity and your computer.

I also had to finalize the slide presentation that we show during the hour or so prior to the meeting while members are arriving and mingling.  It shows upcoming classes and events that the Society is providing, as well as scheduled trips and outings.  This comes with the territory of being the Program Director.  


  1. Del, I'm glad you got this blog going. Thanks for your posts about FamilySearch. They really try hard to make things work for you.

  2. Not sure how Randy does such an extensive blog every day. I takes time!