Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back in Battery

I tried to post yesterday from the hospital using my smart phone; but kept running into problems with the password for some reason.  I wasn't up to any rigorous efforts to solve technical problems, so just gave up.  Am worried that I won't sleep very well tonight as I took two big naps today--one this morning and another this afternoon.  However, I am good at rationalizing that my body needs the rest and Joanne reinforces that, so will just hope for the best tonight. 

Thought I would just show some of the photos I took while racing all over Mason County doing research, visiting cemeteries, and other sites that my ancestors would also have known during their lives there. 

The signs announcing Mason County and the City of Havana are typical signs you see at the edge of town as you enter.

The next photo is of downtown Havana, Illinois; a prototypical Midwestern small town.
The photo below is of the house where my ggaunt, Sarah O'Malley
McCabe, and her family; who raised my grandmother, lived in Havana.  My grandmother moved to Denver around 1905, so she never lived in this house.  They lived on a farm near Forest City prior to moving to Havana. 

Just a block away from the above house was St. Patrick's Catholic church, where I assume Sarah McCabe and her family attended mass weekly.  I noted on a cornerstone of the church that it had been renovated, so this wasn't as the church would have appeared in the early 1900s.