Thursday, November 14, 2013

MyHeritage Announces Helpful New Feature--Take Advantage of Upcoming Genealogy Conferences and Meetings

MyHeritage Announces Helpful New Feature

I received an announcement today from Daniel Horowitz, MyHeritage's Chief Genealogist and Translation Manager, about a new feature that will allow users to copy sources from records into multiple profiles on family trees.  For instance census records that contain data for parents and multiple children can be  easily extracted into all relevant family tree profiles.

New: Extract information to multiple profiles 

More details on how this feature works, including helpful screen shots, can be found by clicking here.
Upcoming Genealogy Events

I received an email today from the Coordinators of the 2014 Escondido (California) Family History Fair that it will be on Saturday 1 March.  Additionally, the Chula Vista (California) Stake of LDS will be conducting a Family History Fair the following Month; however, I don't have the date.  With RootsTech in Salt Lake City being 5-8 February and the Southern California Genealogical Society's Annual Jamboree being 5-8 June, those of us in Southern California are going to have to be working our schedules and saving our pennies!

I have not attended RootsTech before; but plan on attending this one.  I was advised by a previous attendee to arrive early for the lectures, because the rooms fill up fast.  I have attended Jamboree for several years and always enjoy it very much.  I not only enjoy the presentations; but the opportunity to interact on a personal basis with the vendors.  It provides a rare opportunity to tell them what you like or don't like about their products--especially the genealogy software programs.  I was pleased to see a change in the 2014 Family Tree Maker Program (FTM) that I had recommended to one of the FTM demonstrators at last year's Jamboree.  It might have been coincidental that the change occurred; but I prefer to believe that they listened to my recommendation.

I think the local conferences, such as the Escondido and Chula Vista Family History Fairs, are particularly good, in that they enable people who can't travel great distances because of physical limitations, limited funds or lack of vacation time to be exposed to an excellent selection of genealogy speakers and topics.

Wherever you live, I encourage you to do yourself a big favor and take advantage of similar genealogy educational opportunities in your region and communities.