Friday, November 8, 2013

Ancestry Honor Wall Follow-Up--Fhoto Friday

Ancestry Honor Wall Follow-Up

In yesterday's blog I discussed the announcement by Ancestry and Fold3 of a new Honor Wall.  I indicated that I was entering one of my ancestors, Christian Richard (Ritchhart), into the Honor Wall.  

Today, in reviewing yesterday's entry, I learned an important limitation of the site.  When you make an entry, it isn't immediately available when you do a search for the individual.  I noticed yesterday that I thought I had made an entry; but when I did a search for Christian, he didn't appear.  Thinking I may have made a mistake I entered the information a second time.  It still didn't appear, so I assumed perhaps their was a review process prior to posting the new data and moved on.

Today I visited the site again and searched for Christian and found him listed twice, both entries having been made by me the previous day.  I then deleted one of the entries.  I couldn't find an explanation or caution about this feature in any of the web site instructions, so thought I would pass this along in case you have the same experience.  I think they should have a "Caution" about their being a time delay (specified, i.e., 4 hour, 24 hour etc.) between making an entry and it being searchable.

Photo Friday--Four Cousins

 About four years ago I decided to get serious about tracking down two cousins who were sisters.  I had only seen them once in my life when I was around six years of age.  My dad was stationed in the Bay Area during WW II and we had stopped to see his sister in Fresno, California.  My recollection was of the girls being around 12 or 14 when I met them.  However, it turns out they were 19 and 17.  

My main problem in starting to search for the cousins was not knowing the married name of either of them.  Fortunately, one of the sources I happened to check was the on line files for the Fresno County Clerk/Recorder.  This revealed a record for their mother, Mary Lillian.  

Mary Lillian Ritchhart Rumsby
I knew she had lived in Fresno; but death records indicated she died in Sacramento.  I lucked out and found a Power of Attorney that she and her husband, Jim, had granted to Margaret E. BARTON.  Armed with her married name it was relatively easy to find Margaret.  I started in Sacramento County where the Power of Attorney was granted and found her there still in the Sacramento area.  I called and talked with her and discovered that her sister Betty still lived in Fresno.

I talked with both of them, visited Margaret once and exchanged some family information. About two years later I learned that our cousin, Ken, was going to be coming from Indianapolis to visit his son in the Sacramento area.  I thought that would be a great time for four cousins to get together, as Ken either had only seen Margaret and Betty a couple times in his life or had never met them--I can't recall which.   

Margaret (87), Ken (84), Betty (85) and Del (74)

Ken's dad, my dad, and Margaret and Betty's mother were siblings.  However, I grew up in Colorado, Betty and Margaret in California and Ken in Kansas and Indiana.  Thus, the reason we had only met one another a couple times.

 Margaret & Betty
We had a great get together which included some of our children and their spouses.

Back: Debbie Kleinknight (Bob's wife), Cheryl Short (our daughter), Ann Ritchhart (Ken's son's wife), Jeannette (Ken's wife), Joanne (my wife)
Front: Nancy (Margaret's daughter), Margaret & Betty
Bob Kleinknight (Betty's son), Dave Barton (Margaret's son), Ron Short (my son-in-law), and me

Since I organized the reunion, Ken's son (Jeff) and wife (Ann) hosted it; I inserted a short family history presentation (which wasn't as short as my wife would have liked) into the day's agenda.  I think they enjoyed my sharing the large amount of research I have done on the family.  

It was a fun and long overdue reunion.