Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fold3/ Creates Honor Wall in Recognition of Veterans

Fold3/ Creates Honor Wall in Recognition of Veterans

I received an email today from Fold3 with the following announcement.
 Fold3 Featured Title

Introducing the Honor Wall

Unveiled this week in honor of Veterans Day, the Fold3 Honor Wall pays tribute to millions of men and women who served our nation, from colonial days to the present.
We invite you to visit the Honor Wall and help us pay tribute to America's veterans by sharing your own memories, stories, and photos of a loved one. Whether you have family or friends serving now, or have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War or other conflicts in between, join us in commemorating them. With your help, the Honor Wall will keep their stories alive.

Click here to visit the Honor Wall or to read more from an article in today's USA Today.
While at the site I searched for my Christian Richard (Ritchhart) who was in the Revolutionary War.  I  found a Richard Christian whom I think was my Christian Richard.  The muster sheet shown below had what looked like a comma between Richard and Christian, so I think they interpreted that as signifying last name, first name.  I also have other records with the name Christian Richard; but I had never seen this muster sheet.
Muster Sheet for Christian Richard

This Veteran's Day in honor of any of your ancestors who served in the military you might want to check out the Honor Roll and add them if they aren't listed.