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MyHeritage/Family Tree Builder Clarification--MyHeritage Announces New Feature

MyHeritage/Family Tree Data Base

When I spoke to the North San Diego County Genealogy Society last week the question came up about the comparison of MyHeritage's data base with Ancestry's.  I wasn't sure so I contacted Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist and Translation Manager of MyHeritage.

Following is Daniel's answer:  Q:“What databases does MyHeritage have that Ancestry doesn’t have?
A: This is a very logic question but unfortunately not easy to answer as we currently don't have a list of all our databases.
The (not 100%) way around is to visit and see there the list of the databases. Its very much the same ;-)

I also had a question about what capabilities you get for the basic version of MyHeritage.
Q:  If you haven’t purchased the premium or premium plus Family Tree Builder packages, do you get the Smart Matching and Record Matching capabilities if you just have your tree on MyHeritage.?
A:  YES, you get matches BUT you can not confirm or reject them, contact the other administrator or copy the info to your tree.

Also related to the previous question, I followed up with the following:
Q:  I understand that you don’t get it with Family Tree Builder Basic (Free) package; but am confused about just having a tree on MyHeritage. 
A:  Not correct, FTB free also get matches to individuals you are working (changing or adding info) with. BUT to get matches to ALL the tree, the tree must be published to the website.
A FREE account on MyHeritage holds up to 250 people in the tree. NO you can not choose which 250 people to publish ;-)
If your small tree is published, FREE FTB will get matches with no problem.

For those not familiar with MyHeritage and their Family Tree Builder software genealogy program, the basic version will accept up to 250 people, the premium up to 2500 and premium plus is unlimited.

Based on Daniel's answers, it is now my understanding that your family tree on the Basic version of MyHeritage does get Smart Matches; but you can not confirm them or reject them or copy the info to your tree.  In my mind, you aren't left with much and would be better off purchasing the Premium or Premium Plus packages if you want to effectively use the Smart Matching feature.

I was also not clear on what really happens to the MASTER (my term) MyHeritage family tree when you get smart matches to compare from other trees.  You can Confirm or Reject the match; but it wasn't clear to me how that impacted the MASTER tree in the MyHeritage "cloud".  Following is the answer from Daniel:
Q:  When I make the matching decisions to “Confirm” or   “Reject” what really happens?  I understand that the data doesn’t get integrated into my Family Tree Builder Tree; but what happens to the tree on MyHeritage if I agree and others don’t, or 40% Confirm and 60% reject?
A:  When you “Confirm” or   “Reject” a match a mark is place in the individual. THEN you can go one step further and copy information to your tree.
When you copy the info a citation is created automatically. You can only copy info if the other administrator allow you to do so.
Currently the way FTB works is with SYNC, meaning all info on the website will be synchronized with FTB and vice-versa.
For each administrator there is a checkmark, so its really a 50% / 50%:
If you agree and others don't then you have 1 green and one red; If you agree and others agree then you have 2 greens, If you don't agree and others do then you have 1 green and one red.

I think what he is saying is there is just your tree and those for other administrators who might have matches with yours.  Not a MASTER tree like FamilySearch has created or that GENI has.  Therefore each match is simply a one on one--you and another individual tree.  I followed up with Daniel about that and should get a response within the next couple days.  

I was pleased that Daniel took the time to personally respond to my questions.  
MyHeritage Announces New Feature 

My heritage has launched a new feature that they announced today.

MyHeritage has launched today a new feature that lets you save the records you discover on SuperSearch ( directly to the relevant profiles in your family tree. You can also easily extract information from any record you save, which until today was only possible through Record Matches.

The new feature is a step in our mission to combine family trees and historical records in the best possible way and make it easier for our users to make the most of both.

Going forward we will apply the extract information technology to Smart Matches.
We will also enable users to extract information from records to multiple profiles at once.

Please find an image attached, and the official post about this feature is posted here:

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with MyHeritage nor am I compensated in any way by them.  The comments are strictly my own opinions.  

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