Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family Tree Maker Green Leaf Disclosures?

Family Tree Maker Green Leaf 
Disclosures--Not Full?

(This article assumes you have a working knowledge of Family Tree Maker)
I was exploring a "green leaf" in my Family Tree Maker (FTM) program today and was reminded of a quirk in the program that we all need to keep in mind.  I have experienced this several times before; but when I experienced it again this morning, I almost overlooked it.  Therefore, I thought it would be good to remind others about this.

I had received an e-mail, through GENI.COM, from a distant cousin, whom I had never met nor knew existed.  He had somehow found my book, Breathing Life Into Family Ancestors, and realized his great great grandfather was also an ancestor of mine.  He provided me with some information I didn't have, so I was entering it in my FTM program.  In the below screen shot there are three Record Types (in this case two Public Member trees and a Find a Grave listing) that were revealed when I clicked on the "green leaf" in Mary Elizabeth Ritchhart's "Tree" view window.  I have highlighted the first of the three and the information pertaining to that is revealed in the bottom right portion of the screen under "Search Results".  However, I can also look at the information associated with the other two.  Highlighted in yellow is the information associated with the Beckvanriper Family Public Member Tree.  You may not be able to see but, under the title "Information found in record", it lists Mary's name, birth date, death date and place, marriage date and place, and her parents.  I had all that information; but didn't know Mary's husband's first name.  

In the next screen shot below I have now moved my cursor down and clicked on the Beckvanriper Family data.  The data highlighted in yellow is still the same as previously viewed; but note what shows up highlighted in purple below under "Search Results Detail"--the spouses full name John Stern.  Had I just looked at the information shown on the screen when I first opened it and glanced through it to see if I could find the husband's name, it would not have been revealed.  However, once I clicked on the Beckvanriper Family Public Member Tree, additional information was revealed, including the spouse's name.  

I have experienced this also with the children's names.  I am not sure what causes this for some sets of data; but not others.  Normally, the spouses name would be included with the listing in the upper portion of the screen, as would any children.  However, in some cases some of the key facts are not included.  I will explore this with Ancestry in the next couple days and report what they say.

The lesson is, you have to explore EVERY record listed, you can't just scan the "Information found in record" list opposite the record.