Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ways to Interest the Younger Generation in Genealogy

Ways to Interest the Younger Generation in Genealogy

I have long had an interest in getting my children and grandchildren more interested in family history and have used several methods for stimulating their interest.  I then developed a presentation which details the different things my wife and I have done to make them more interested in genealogy.

One of the things that I have done is to give them gifts that are family history oriented.  My three oldest grandchildren have graduated from college over the past years, starting in 2006.  When our first granddaughter graduated we gave her a portable GPS for her car; but, additionally, I made her a large pedigree chart which was nicely framed.  I don't recommend a pedigree chart, by itself, as the only gift.  That might be pushing the limits a little!  I think it works better as a supplemental gift.

Jamie's Family Tree
 I also printed all the family names myself, which was quite time consuming.  It was quite large (approx 30" X 40").  My wife and I were both quite surprised when we gave her the gifts, as I truly believe she appreciated and valued the pedigree chart more than the GPS.  This, of course, pleased me very much.  She also liked the idea that it was in my handwriting.

Kyleigh's Pedigree Chart

Because I didn't want all the charts to be the same, I did my granddaughter Kyleigh's chart differently.  I used the Canvas function in Ancestry to create her chart.  All I had to do was pick the style chart and enter her as the "home" person and the system created the chart.  It also used the photos I had entered in my Ancestry family tree for the first four generations of the chart.  This doesn't have the "personal" touch of being handwritten; but it looks very professional and is much easier!

When Jamie married and was expecting our first great-grandchild I had seen an unusual pedigree chart on a web site that I really liked.  Now my challenge was to find it again.  Fortunately, I was able to track it down and order a copy. It is about 24" X 18".  It comes in shades of pinks (below) for girls and shades of blues for boys.  I used self-adhering clear labels for the names.  It now has a prominent place in Avery's play room.

Avery's Pedigree Chart

When our fourth oldest granddaughter graduated from High School I prepared the following pedigree chart, which was again different from the others.  

Tori's Pedigree Chart

I again used self adhesive clear labels which can be typed up and printed on your printer.  This was a chart that I obtained from the Southern California Genealogical Society's display table at their annual Jamboree in Burbank.

I hope that these charts, even if in a small way, will educate them more about their family history which, in turn, will stimulate them to learn more.

I have several different techniques that I have used to try and interest my children and grandchildren in their family history.  In later blogs, I will share more about them.

If any of you would like more information about any of the charts I have displayed, either respond to this blog or contact me at dritchh1@san.rr.com.