Monday, February 23, 2009

The beginning of a new expeience

I attended a great presentation this week about GOOGLE and included was how to start your own blog with Google's Blogger. Well, this is my first attempt and since it is late in the day it will be a short one. Since my primary interests are genealogy and family--that will probably be the main focus of my blog; but I will also get into other subjects as they come to my interest. Of

course, since I also enjoy photography and can inset them into my blog; I will include them from time to time. Travel is also an interest, although, because of the economy, we won't be doing as much of that this year as usual. I have included a nice photo I took last year on our Alaska Cruise on the morning we were approaching Juneau.
Well that is it for my first blog. Not much; but it is a start.

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